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Discover the True Potential of Your Association

Whether your goals aren't being met the way they used to, or you have a vision for what is possible and are not quite certain how to make the vision a reality, IMC360 wants to help you and your volunteer leaders be their best.....Your members will appreciate the effort.

Our History - With A Focus on Enhancing Your Future

Since 2001, IMC360 President Alan Morasch, CAE has been delivering expert, cost-effective management and administrative support tailored to the needs of our clients. IMC360's services cover a broad range of expertise, and ensure that your association leaders can focus on leadership and advancement of the association's mission, and less on the day-to-day requirements of a well-managed association.

With nearly 20 years of association management experience, Alan’s life has been dedicated to making the world a better place through his frequent random acts of kindness. Alan’s presence has truly enriched the strangers he encounters in very unique ways. His approach to life takes a similar pathway in his business affairs, with his dedication to the association management world and attention-to-detail. This has enabled his clients to grow, prosper and truly provide the value to their members that is identifiable to the one who counts most….The Member!

Whether your needs are for full service or just project management, IMC360 can meet all of your organization's needs. We offer the agile and focused support that can take you and your organization to where you want it to be.

As an association management company based in Vancouver, Washington, our clients are local, regional, national and even international in scope. As a Certified Association Executive (CAE), Alan serves as your organization's Executive Director, working closely with the Board and Committee Leaders to ensure that objectives and goals are met and members' needs are satisfied. We invite you to discover what a partnership with IMC360 can do for your non profit association or professional society. 

IMC Wants to Partner With You and Your Volunteers Leaders

What is IMC360 Association Management?  

We're an association management company providing administrative and business services to professional membership associations and societies, trade associations, nonprofit organizations and foundations. Utilizing experienced and successful association professionals who are experts in areas such as: meeting and event planning, strategic planning, leadership development, communications, education, government relations and lobbying assistance, marketing, and technology. Our goal is like yours - increase the value and relevance to your members

What's the Benefit of Using IMC360?

Many associations and non-profit organizations aren't large enough to justify having a full-time staff - yet have a workload that is more than a volunteer leader can handle. IMC360 provides management for a wide range of services to meet your needs. With our expertise and knowledge on how to solve non-profit issues, we're able to provide you the services you need more efficiently and effectively. Whether your association has existed for years and is not achieving its full potential or just starting up, IMC360 is ready to partner with you to help you reach your desired goals.  

Will My Members Notice a Difference with IMC360?

With IMC360, you maintain complete control over your identity. All association materials needed to conduct the organization's business - letterhead, website, business cards, logos, etc., remain the same and carry the association's brand. As a result, your association members, leadership, sponsors, exhibitors and other stakeholders will appreciate our professionals as their reliable and trustworthy staff. The Board will especially appreciate that the new organization management allows them to focus more on leadership and less on day-to-day issues and duties.

How Does IMC360 Work With the Board and Leaders?

At IMC360 we take pride in the partnerships we have with our association clients. This demands development of strong, professional relationships with volunteer leaders. These relationships are built on trust and respect and enable our IMC360 team and the elected association leaders to work closely, collaboratively and effectively in order to achieve strategic goals. At IMC360, we work on the day-to-day business and provide strategic input to the Board, which frees the leadership to focus on mission-critical initiatives and make the most of their limited time.


Alan - What a fantastic meeting! Our organization is made up of strong-willed, dynamic, driven physician leaders. Thank you for the the heart and soul that you give this organization. On behalf of the Board, thank you for making the Annual Meeting a roaring success! We appreciate you and all your efforts.

Cardiac Surgeon and Society President - 2018

Thank you for being the remarkable professional you always are and maintaining calm in a storm, while working continuously to find the positive elements. As usual, your ability to work closely with the resort has resulted in the best possible outcome. 

Cardiac Surgeon and Society Officer 

Alan Morasch, CAE

IMC360 Association Management 360-256-5590

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